Pure Virtual Assist

Flexible, efficient and targeted.

We strive to deliver pure quality and to ensure that we offer our services as flexible as possible.


  • review documents
  • report or make changes
  • monitoring the documents
  • registering products


Office Support

  • fulfill orders
  • maintaining relationships with customers, clients and manufacturers
  • email management
    processing or sending (confirmation) letters 
  • planning/calendar management

Customer/Client Support

  • operating the telephone exchange
  • answering questions and providing accurate information
  • manage the chat on social media and other platforms

Beauty branche

Data Analyst 



Feel free to contact us! 


1. Services & hours

See which activities you want to outsource and how many hours per month you spend on them.

2. Introduction & Package choice

Contact us and we will discuss your wishes and see if there is a match available. During our introductory meeting we will make a proposal and you will choose the package that suits you best.

3. Let's begin!

After approval, we will send you the contract and legal documents.

The collaboration can begin!