Lots to do but no time for the tasks you really want to focus on?

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Office management Administration

  • maintaining relationships with customers, clients and businesses
  • mailbox and chat correspondence
  • schedule/Calendar management



  • reviewing documents
  • document monitoring
  • changing documents
  • conducting market research


Support or a collaboration

  • booking travel/promotional gifts
  • support or advice when working on your business or career

Do you have an inbox full of emails or a lot of administrative tasks?

We will assist you.

Experience the spare time and get the chance to focus more on acquiring new customers/clients.

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Data Analyst


✓peace and time

Do you have an overflowing mailbox and busy agenda? We keep track of your email, answer emails for more overview and peace of mind. We will take your task over from you with care, so that you have peace and time to focus on things that are important to you. This ensures growth of your company and time for acquiring customers.


You can request our help as flexible as you need. On an hourly basis, weekly/monthly or for a specific period. You decide when you need our support.

✓No extra costs

You have no costs such as: social insurance, health insurance, compulsory premiums or travel costs. You pay for the hours Pure Virtual Assist actually works.

✓Own workplace

We have our own workplace, our own equipment and we support you remotely using various online tools. An additional workplace is not necessary.

✓Business Growth

By hiring us you have time to build your business. You will have your hands free to focus on new challenges and most importantly, acquire more customers!

✓Business partner

Working together means listening attentively, supplementing where the other falls short, communicating, pointing out and correcting when necessary. 

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Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress,

and working 

together is success.”